Create a tracking link for a prospect post

Permissions: Job Admin and above, who can access CRM

Product tier: Available to Expert subscription tier

If your organization is planning to post a prospect post to an external job board, or will be marketing the prospect post in some other way, you'll want to create unique URLs or tracking links to the online prospect post application so that your organization can track where the prospects came from.

Once a prospect post is made live, your organization can generate unique tracking links to track the prospect's source.

To generate a tracking link for a prospect post, find the prospect post on the Configure CRM page and choose Tracking Link under the Ellipses icon. (CRM > Configure CRM > Ellipses icon > Tracking Link)


Fill in the fields for Who gets credit and the Source in the pop-up window.

Note: In addition to Greenhouse Recruiting's default sources, you can create your own custom sources. Learn more here. You will only need to create a custom source once. Once created, the custom source will be available for any job or prospect post.

After credit and source have been assigned, click Create Link to generate your tracking link.


Copy the tracking link. You can use this link to direct prospects to your post and record the source.


Example: If you're sourcing prospects from LinkedIn, you will want to paste your tracking link in the Direct applicants to an external site to apply field on your LinkedIn paid ad page: