Close opening on job with one-stage approval process


If your team decides later to close an opening for whatever reason (e.g. hire made, hiring freeze, etc...) you can control these settings from the job's Job Info page.

In Greenhouse Recruiting, the process to close openings on an existing job depends on that job's approval process. In this article, we will cover how to close openings on a job with a one-stage approval process.


To close openings on an existing job, click All Jobs from the navigation bar and select the job from the subsequent list.


Click Job Setup and navigate to Job Info on the left-hand panel.


Navigate to the Openings panel and click Manage Openings.


From the Manage Openings dialog box, select a specific opening from the left-hand panel.


The details for the selected opening will populate in the right-hand panel. Change the status of the opening by selecting Closed from the Status dropdown menu.


Once the Status for the opening is Closed, you can click the Close Date dropdown menu and use the subsequent calendar to select a new close date for the opening. 


Additionally, click the Select Reason dropdown menu and select a close reason for the opening from the populated list.

Click Save when finished.

Note: If you manually change an opening's open or close dates, you should ensure that the job open and close dates (under Job Setup > Job Info) are also changed to match. This will ensure your reports don't show disparate data.