Transfer candidates to a different job in bulk


Transferring candidates to a different job is typically recommended only when the candidates are mistakenly associated with the wrong job(s). When candidates are transferred to a different job, the following data will be transferred from the old job to the new job:

  • Attachments 
  • Application questions
  • Submitted scorecards

Additionally, the following information will be deleted during the transfer:

  • Records of candidate being on the old job in reports
  • Scheduled interviews
  • Interview information for scorecards pending submission
  • Job-specific forms

In this article, we will cover how to transfer multiple candidates to a different job using Greenhouse Recruiting's bulk edit feature.

Click All Candidates from the navigation bar and select Bulk Actions.


Expand the Jobs pane on the left-hand side and click Filter by Job. Select one job from the list and click Save when finished.


Note: Additionally, organizations with the prospect feature enabled should also filter the candidate list by Candidates only.


Select candidates who will be included in this bulk action by placing a check in the box next to the candidate name.

Click Edit Selected when finished.


Click Transfer to a Different Job.


Use the subsequent dialog box to select a job and at which stage should these candidates be inserted into that job's interview plan (e.g. Application Review, Phone Interview, etc...)

Note: Candidates can only be transferred to a job where the user has appropriate permissions.

Click Move to Job when finished.