Add openings to job with two-stage job approvals


A job must have one opening for every candidate you wish to hire for the role. If your team decides later in the interview process that you would like to hire more candidates than originally planned, you must add more openings to the job.

In Greenhouse Recruiting, the process to add new openings to an existing job depends on that that job's approval process. In this article, we will cover how to add openings to a job with a configured two-stage job approval process.


Note: A job can have a maximum of 100 active openings at any time.

Changes to the number of openings for a job must be made on the job's Approvals page. Click All Jobs from the navigation bar and select the job from the subsequent list.


Click Approvals and select Edit Job & Openings.


From the subsequent page, navigate to the Openings panel. Click Add New to add a single opening to the job.


Alternatively, your organization can add multiple openings to a job simultaneously by clicking the carrot icon Screen_Shot_2019-11-01_at_12.26.00_PM.png and selecting a number from the dropdown menu. Click Add when finished. 

Note: Users can only add 99 openings to a job at a given time. 


The openings are added to job. Once added, you can edit the Opening ID, Open Date, and so on for the added openings. Click here to learn more.

Click Save Changes when finished.

Note: If the second stage of approvals have been completed for the job already, this process will re-trigger the second stage of approvals.