Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

It can be challenging for organizations with many job posts to find a specific job post or filter job posts into a subset when performing an audit.

Greenhouse Recruiting's search allows you to search across live and off job posts for all open jobs using keywords, parts of words, and phrases. This feature will search through all job post names and job post descriptions and return any matching results.

Use case: Imagine your organization has historically included information about your Series C round of funding for certain job posts. But your organization has since acquired your Series D round of funding and you want to update all job posts that mention your Series C. Using the job post search feature, you can find all job posts that mention Series C in the job post name or job post description and update those job posts.

Search job posts

To search job posts, click the Configure icon Configure icon on your navigation bar and select Job Boards & Posts on the left.

Screenshot of Configure > Job Boards and Posts

Find a specific job board to search and click the number beside the job board name.

Screenshot of job posts on a job board

By default, the job post search feature will search across all job posts whether they are live or not.

To change this setting, use the dropdown at the top of the job posts.

Screenshot of available job post statuses

To search your organization's job posts, click the Search icon icon at the top of the job posts.

Screenshot of search job posts

Input a keyword, phrase, or part of a word into the provided field. Click Search when finished.

The search results will populate job posts where your search criteria appear in the job post name or job post description.

Screenshot of job post search results

To clear your search criteria, click X in the search field.

Search job posts using your Harvest API

Create a query using the GET: list job posts Harvest API endpoint to search for job posts.