Verify email domain using web host with domain implied

Permissions: Site Admin

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Certain web hosting services like GoDaddy or SquareSpace implies your organization's domain when adding DNS records. Essentially, this means that your web host service will automatically append your organization's domain to all added DNS records.

Note: Please check with your IT team to see if your web hosting service implies your organization's domain when adding DNS records. 

For organizations using a web hosting service that implies your domain for DNS records, you will need to edit the Edit Your IT Department email as part of the Email Verification process.

Once you have registered your domain with Greenhouse Recruiting (Configure configure.png > Email Settings), click Email Your I.T. Department.


From the Email Your IT Department dialog box, Greenhouse Recruiting will populate the information needed by your IT team to verify your domain. Since your organization is using a web host with the domain implied, the Hostname column in the included table needs to be edited.


Remove your domain from each DNS record in the table (i.e. everything after gh-mail).

Note: If these entries are not edited, you will be essentially be trying to to verify (since your web host will imply your domain too) and the domain verification will fail.

Once the entries are edited, click Send.


Your IT Team will use these edited records to verify your domain.