Permissions: Job Admin and above with access to CRM and prospects

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Candidates who are rejected, or prospects you stop considering for a job, may be a good fit for other roles in your organization. Your organization can move these candidates/prospects into a new prospect pool and funnel them into configured sourcing flows for other roles.

Note: If a prospect is unattached, only users with the 'Can manage unattached prospects permission' can manage the prospect profile.

Convert a rejected candidate into a prospect during rejection

If you'd like to learn more about how to convert rejected candidates into prospects in bulk, check out the following article: Convert rejected candidates to prospects in bulk.

When rejecting a candidate from a job, you can convert the rejected candidate into a prospect directly from the rejection workflow.

Navigate to the candidate's profile and click Reject from the Job section.

Fill in the necessary details when rejecting the candidate. Ensure the checkbox for Start new prospect process after rejection is enabled.

When finished, click Reject and Send Email or Reject and Don't Send Email.

Once the candidate is rejected, you're automatically redirected to the Add as Prospect box.

Input the necessary details for the new prospect process and click Add as Prospect.

The candidate is now rejected from the previous job and converted into a prospect for the job and / or prospect pool you selected.

Start a new prospect process for an existing rejected candidate

Navigate to the candidate's profile, click the Ellipses icon in the top right corner of their profile, and choose to add them as a prospect.

Start a new prospect process for a prospect you stopped considering

You can add a prospect back into your prospect pool by opening their profile and choosing Reconsider as Prospect at the top of the page.