Pocket Recruiter is an AI based recruitment tool that provides accurate matching of candidates resumes with job descriptions. For users, it is a single recruitment hub integrated with multiple ATSs and Job Boards, simultaneously synchronizing the data with customers internal systems. Document to resume matching enhances the sourcing/recruiting processes to reduce the time to source and time to hire. Configurable Auto Pilot features provide autonomous recruiting capabilities from initial training of a new job/opportunity based on the previous learning to the Auto Matching and Selection of candidates.

Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with Pocket Recruiter allows jobs, candidates, and workflow updates to seamlessly flow back and forth between Greenhouse and Pocket Recruiter so that a customer can use the best of breed services associated with each system. In this article, we will cover how to:


Configure User Setup Permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting

In order to enable the Greenhouse/Pocket Recruiter integration, you will need the developer permission Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials.

Contact a Greenhouse user in your organization with Site Admin level permissions with the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions to apply the API credential management permission to your account. Have the user with Site Admin level permissions edit your user account's permissions by navigating to the Configure icon configure.png> Users > Your Name).


The user with Site Admin level permissions should navigate to the Permissions panel on your user page and expand the Developer Permissions dropdown menu.

Select Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials so that a check is in the checkbox. When finished, click Save.


Repeat as necessary for any other user that should have access to set up the integration.


Create a Harvest API Key for the Greenhouse/Pocket Recruiter Integration

To create a Harvest API key for the integration, click on the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner. Navigate to Dev Center on the left-hand panel.

From the Dev Center page, click API Credential Management.


From the API Credential Management page, click Create New API Key to generate the API key for Pocket Recruiter.


From the Create new credential dialog box, give your API key a name and select Harvest from the Type dropdown menu. When finished, click Create.


On the Manage API Key Permissions page please click the following permissions. When finished, click Update.


Your Harvest API key for the Greenhouse/Pocket Recruiter integration is created and configured. Provide your Harvest API key to your Pocket Recruiter onboarding team so they can set up the integration.


Use Pocket Recruiter Integration with Greenhouse

Within the Pocket Recruiter configuration for Greenhouse, users can designate the synchronization point between the two systems as well as the workflow status mappings that associate a candidate to a Job/Opportunity.

Once the API Key and all the mappings (i.e. Jobs and Candidates Stages/Statuses) are set up by Pocket Recruiters IT support team, users can fully start benefiting from the integration. New jobs created in Greenhouse are automatically synced with Pocket Recruiter where users can run matching against the preferred Job Boards and Social Media.

As soon as a user starts selecting the best Candidates from the match list, Pocket Recruiter synchronizes new candidates, together with their profiles and current statuses back to Greenhouse.


Need help?

Please contact support@pocketrecruiter.comfor troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration.