Reassign direct reports in Greenhouse Onboarding

Permissions: Owners

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome subscription tiers

Users with Owner access can reassign an employee's manager at any time in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Note: Greenhouse Onboarding does not currently support reassigning direct reports in bulk.

Reassign a direct report

To get started, use the Search bar on your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage to find the employee you want to reassign to another manager.

Click the employee's name from the dropdown to open their employee profile.

Greenhouse Onboarding homepage for user with Owner access with Search bar filled out and employee result dropdown highlighted

Navigate to the Info tab in the employee's profile.

Owner view of employee profile with Info tab opened and highlighted

Scroll to the Manager section and click Edit.

Manager section on employee profile info tab with Edit button highlighted

Use the Select a Manager menu to select a new manager for this employee.

Note: You can assign any current Greenhouse Onboarding user as a manager. If the user you select hasn't been a manager before, they will automatically gain manager access permissions once you've assigned them to be this employee's manager.

Click Save when you're finished.

Manager section in employee profile Info tab with Select a Manager field updated to new manager and Save button highlighted

The employee will be reassigned as a direct report to the newly selected manager.

Manager section in employee profile info tab with new manager saved and displayed

Note: Any tasks assigned to the employee's original manager will be automatically reassigned to the new manager you've selected.

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