A rejection reason is a configurable field when rejecting a candidate or prospect from a job and can reveal any potential trends keeping your team from making a hire. Greenhouse Recruiting provides your organization with the following default rejection reasons.

In addition to default rejection reasons, your organization can also create its own custom rejection reasons. 

Click the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Custom Options from the left-hand panel.


From the Custom Options page, click Rejection Reasons.


From the Manage Rejection Reasons page, click Create New Rejection Reason.


From the subsequent dialog box configure the details for the new rejection reason.

Reason Type

Rejection reasons are categorized into three main types:

  • We rejected them
  • They rejected us
  • None Specified
Name of Rejection Reason Input the name of the rejection reason

When finished, click Create Rejection Reason.


The new rejection reason will be added to your organization's custom rejection reasons.