Permissions: Job Admins, who can create, edit, and delete job posts, and Site Admins

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Custom application questions allow your organization to collect information from candidates when they are applying to a job. Candidate responses to custom application questions can subsequently be viewed and configured for reporting purposes.

Every custom application question can be configured to meet varying privacy concerns your organization may have. Custom application questions can be configured with one of the following privacy settings:

API only custom application question overview

API only is generally considered the most restrictive privacy setting your organization can assign to a custom application question. When a question is marked as API only, candidate responses to the question will not surface in the Greenhouse Recruiting application and can only be viewed via the Greenhouse API.

Greenhouse Recruiting assumes there are fewer users who have access to your organization's API than who have permission to view private candidate data within the application. This more restrictive privacy setting can be useful for certain candidate information you don't want surfaced in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Use case: The API only setting for custom application questions can be useful if your organization plans to ask its own EEOC or demographic questions instead of using Greenhouse Recruiting's built-in EEOC questions. Answers to these questions are very sensitive, and you can use the API only setting to restrict response visibility within the app and in a candidate export.

Note: Responses to API only custom application questions still populate in the Greenhouse Business Intelligence Connector.

Add API only custom application question 

To add an API only custom application question to an existing job post, click Jobs from the navigation bar and select a job from the subsequent list > Click Job Setup > Navigate to Job Posts > Navigate to a job post and click the Edit icon edit.png next to the job post title.


Navigate to Custom Application Questions and click Add Custom Question. From the subsequent dialog box, enter the necessary information for the custom application question. Select API only in the Privacy section.

Click Add when finished.

Note: Once a custom application question's privacy setting is marked and saved as API only, it cannot be changed.


Click Save at the bottom of the page to confirm the change.