Connect Tableau to Greenhouse database


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If Tableau is your preferred business intelligence tool, your organization can connect the tool to Greenhouse Recruiting’s Amazon Redshift to pull all of your data and perform advanced data analytics. In this article, we will cover how to:


Allowlist IP Addresses and Retrieve Greenhouse Database Credentials

Greenhouse Recruiting has allowlisted most of Tableau Online's server IP addresses. If your organization experiences any connection issues, reach out to the Greenhouse Support team with the IP address of your team's instance.

Additionally, contact our Greenhouse Support team to allowlist any IP addresses you will use to connect to the database

Note: For security reasons, Greenhouse is only able to allowlist the public IP addresses of your office. If your organization needs to access the database from a different IP address (e.g. for remote employees), please reach out to your IT team to explore other options, such as setting up VPN.

Contact your organization's Customer Success Manager to receive the necessary credentials to log into Greenhouse Recruiting's database hosted on Amazon Redshift. Your organization will need the following information:

Database Name
Database Username
Database Password


Connect Tableau to Greenhouse Database

Once all necessary IP addresses are allowlisted for your account and the credentials to access the Greenhouse Database are received, navigate to your Tableau account.

Double-click Amazon Redshift under the Connect header.


Use the subsequent dialog box to configure the following settings for the new database:

Field Name Input
 Port  5439
 Database  Enter value shared by Greenhouse Support
 Username  Enter value shared by Greenhouse Support
 Password  Enter value shared by Greenhouse Support
 Require SSL  Check the box

Click Sign In when finished.


Select your organization's schema from under Schema,. This corresponds to the Username that was shared with you.

Note: You may see a list of other organizations under Schema but you will only be able to access your organization's schema. 


Common Connection Errors



Wrong password: Check the password and make sure there are no empty spaces before and after the password that were copied and pasted.



IP address not allowlisted. Please make sure that you are connecting from one of the allowlisted IP addresses.



You do not have access to the schema. If you select another organization from the list of schemas, you will run into this error.

Tableau Online’s IP addresses have not been allowlisted for your site location. Please check the list here and write to us at so we are able to allowlist them.