Link custom job post question to custom field on candidate profile

Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

By linking a custom job post question to a custom field on a candidate's profile, your organization can capture candidate responses to these questions in a structured format that is searchable and reportable.

Use case: Your organization is hiring a Project Manager that will eventually transfer from your New York office to your Omaha office within a year and has included a question on the application asking candidates whether they are available to relocate. By linking the application question to a custom application field on the candidate's profile (e.g. Available to relocate) you can filter the candidates for the job by how they responded to this question.

This article covers how to create a new application question on a job post and link it to a custom application field so responses to the question populate in the appropriate field on the candidate's profile.

Link the custom question to custom field

Note: The custom application field must be created prior to linking the custom job post question to the field. 

Navigate to the Job Post under Job Setup (Jobs > Select Job > Job Setup > Job Posts).

Select a job post from the list and click the Edit icon  beside the job post name.

From the Edit Your Job Post page, scroll to the Custom Application Questions section and click Add Custom Question.

From the Add a Question box, pose a question and provide a description. Select a privacy setting, and whether a response to the question should be required.

From the Answers dropdown, select Link answers to a custom field on a candidate's profile. Then, select a custom application or candidate field from the Custom Field dropdown menu.

Note: Custom application questions can only be linked to the following field types:

  • Short Textbox
  • Long Textbox
  • Yes / No
  • Single-select
  • Multi-select

Click Add when finished.

Note: When a custom application question is linked to a custom application field, the question inherits the Type and Privacy settings of the custom application field.

On the Edit Your Job Post page, the new custom application question will indicate that it is linked to a custom application field.