Permissions: Owner

Product tier: Available for the Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tier

Namely is a cloud-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that helps your organization manage and streamline compliance, record keeping, payroll, benefits, and more.

Namely's integration with Greenhouse Onboarding enables your organization to push employee profiles from Greenhouse Onboarding to Namely for easy account creation.

Note: Greenhouse Onboarding's integration with Namely offers a non-customizable, one-way sync of information.

Retrieve your Namely information

Your organization's Namely account owner needs to retrieve the following information from Namely to enable the integration in Greenhouse Onboarding:

  • Subdomain
  • Access token

Find your Namely subdomain

Navigate to your Namely account and copy your subdomain within the URL.

The subdomain for your Namely account is the alphanumeric information that precedes in the URL.

Namely integration image

You'll paste this subdomain into Greenhouse Onboarding in a later step.

Retrieve your Namely access token

In Namely, click the User icon in the upper right corner. Select API from the dropdown.

The Namely platform shows API settings button highlighted in a marigold emphasis box

Navigate to Personal Access Tokens and create a new access token. Use the provided field to give your personal access token a name.

Note: We recommend giving your personal access token a name that indicates the token is for your Greenhouse Onboarding integration.

Namely API settings page shows Personal Access Token tab and Create New Personal Access Token highlighted in marigold emphasis boxes

When you're ready, click Create.

Copy your new personal access token and save it in a secure location. You'll use it to set up the integration in Greenhouse Onboarding in the next step.

Note: Your new personal access token will only be displayed once.

Namely API page shows an example generated Personal Access Token named abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234657980

Enable the Namely integration

Once you have your subdomain and personal access token, log in to Greenhouse Onboarding.

Navigate to Settings > Data Flow > Integrations.

Greenhouse Onboarding Settings page with navigation steps to Integrations page highlighted

Scroll to Human Resource Management. Click Enable next to the Namely integration.

Human Resource Management section of Integrations page with Enable button for Namely integration highlighted

Enter the personal access token and subdomain you retrieved from Namely.

Click Save and Close when you're done.

Namely API key dialog box with example access token and subdomain filled out

The Greenhouse Onboarding and Namely integration is now enabled for your organization.

Map fields between Greenhouse Onboarding and Namely

The following Greenhouse Onboarding fields will be mapped and exported to the corresponding field in Namely:

First Name*

Employment Type (Employment Status)

Emergency Contact Name

Last Name*

DOB / Date of Birth

Emergency Contact Phone

User Status*

Social Security Number


Start Date*




Profile Photo

Preferred Name

Phone Number

Marital Status

Reports to

Job Title

Personal Email


* Indicates this field is required to create a Namely employee account.

Note: Greenhouse Onboarding cannot add or remove mappings from this schema. The integration does not support department or location fields in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Update field options to match Namely

To successfully export data from Greenhouse Onboarding to Namely, both systems will need to have matching values for the following fields:

  • Job Title
  • Employment Status
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital Status

Log in to Namely to view the values you need to match for each of the above fields. Below is an example of Namely's available values for the Ethnicity field.


In Greenhouse Onboarding, navigate to Settings Fields. Click to select the field you need to update.

On the Edit Field page, update each value under Selection Options to match the field options from Namely.


Click Save when you're done editing field options.


Employment Status is a single-select field that maps to Namely. You need to update the external value for each field option in Greenhouse Onboarding to match the options available in Namely:

Greenhouse Onboarding default value Namely value to match
Full-time Full Time
Part-time Part Time
Contract Contractor
Intern Intern

You'll change 'Full-time' to 'Full Time,' 'Part-time' to 'Part Time,' and 'Contract' to 'Contractor' when editing your Employment Status field values in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Map completed E-Signature documents from Greenhouse Onboarding to Namely

Completed E-Signature documents can be sent from Greenhouse Onboarding to Namely. To enable this, your Namely account admin must log into Namely and create a new profile field for every E-Signature document that will be mapped from Greenhouse Onboarding.

Have your organization's Namely admin log in to your Namely account.

Click Company from the top navigation bar, then select Profile Fields in the Employee Data section.

Namely company settings shows Profile fields button highlighted in a marigold emphasis box

Create a new field. Ensure your field's name matches the name of the corresponding E-Signature template you'll be mapping to in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Example: You're mapping to an E-Signature template named Company Handbook in Greenhouse Onboarding. Use the name Company Handbook when creating your Namely profile field for this E-Signature document.

Set the Type dropdown menu to File.

When you're finished, click Save.

Repeat these steps to map each E-Signature document you want to send from Greenhouse Onboarding to Namely.

Use the Namely integration in Greenhouse Onboarding

Export an employee profile to Namely

Once you've enabled the Namely integration for your organization, you can export an employee profile to Namely directly from the employee's profile.

In Greenhouse Onboarding, use the search bar to open an employee profile that you'd like to export.

In the employee's profile, navigate to Integrations.

Click Export to Namely.

Employee profile in Greenhouse Onboarding with Integrations open and Export to Namely button highlighted

Note: Since each organization may have different onboarding processes, Greenhouse Onboarding supports manual exports only. In addition, you can export an employee's profile only once in Greenhouse Onboarding. Make sure to confirm the details of your export before proceeding.

Once your export is complete, Greenhouse Onboarding will display the following information on the employee's Integrations tab:

  • User who exported the employee data into Namely
  • When the export was performed
  • A Namely generated ID for the export
  • A URL to the candidate's profile in Namely

Update your Namely access token

If the admin who set up your Namely integration leaves your organization, you may need to update the integration’s access token.

To do this, first obtain a new access token from Namely by following the instructions in Retrieve your Namely access token.

After you've retrieved a new access token, navigate to Settings > Data Flow > Integrations.

Scroll to Human Resource Management and locate Namely.

Click Edit.

Edit Namely integration button highlighted on Greenhouse Onboarding Integrations settings page

Next to the existing access token, click Replace.

Namely API key dialog box with Replace button highlighted for updating access token

Paste your new access token into the field, then click Save and Close to save your changes.