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With the Rippling + Greenhouse integration, you can import a candidate's information and offer details from Greenhouse into Rippling in just one click!


To set up the integration, log into Rippling and follow the steps below.

  1. From the Rippling dashboard, scroll down to the app store and search for “Greenhouse” and click the app.

  2. Click “Connect Existing Account,” and Rippling will guide you the brief setup process.


  1. Lastly, connect your existing Greenhouse account to Rippling
  1. Sign in to Greenhouse here:
  2. Go to API Credential Management → Go to Configure → click on Dev Center then → API Credential Management

  3. Create New API Key by entering “Rippling” into the description field and “Harvest” into the credential type field.  

  4. Assign the "Candidates: GET List Candidates" and all "Users" permissions to this API Key.
  5. Copy and paste the API Key in the final field. You’re all done!

  1. You’re all set! Now, when you onboard a new employee through Rippling, select “Import from my ATS” during the onboarding flow, select “Greenhouse,” and all of your candidates employment information will appear in Rippling!





5. Ongoing, you’ll be able to provision and suspend employees’ Greenhouse accounts directly from the Greenhouse app in Rippling.

6. In addition to importing candidates, you can automatically provision Greenhouse accounts when new hires onboard. Configure access rules to determine exactly which new hires get accounts. For example, employees in my sales department or employees in San Francisco.



7. Use Rippling to allow employees’ to securely sign into their Greenhouse accounts from their Rippling dashboard by configuring SSO to Greenhouse.