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Shared calendars enable your team to maintain a centralized scheduling system so that authorized members of your team can schedule, reschedule, and delete to a single calendar. In this article, we will cover how to create a shared google calendar.

Note: Please consult with your organization's Google account Admin about creating shared calendars. The following steps can vary depending on how your organization has configured its Google Settings. For more information, see Google's documentation here.

Whoever will be the Owner of the shared calendar should navigate to their Google Calendar and click to the right of the Add Calendar field.

Select New Calendar.

From the subsequent page, use the provided fields to give the calendar a Name, Description, and Time Zone. Click Create calendar when finished.

Once the calendar is created, navigate to the left-hand panel of the Settings page and click the name of your newly create calendar.

Navigate down the shared calendar settings page to the Share with specific people section. Click Add people.

Note: Depending on how your Google settings is configured, there can be an easier way to invite all of your coworkers at once.

Use the subsequent dialog box to add users who should have permissions to schedule, reschedule, and delete interviews to this shared calendar.

From the Permissions dropdown menu, select either the permission to Make changes to events or Make changes and manage sharing.

When finished, click Send. All selected users will be invited to schedule to the shared calendar.

Note: To receive notifications when people accept or decline your invites, make sure to go back to the calendar's settings and check the box to receive those emails.