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Shared calendars enable your team to maintain a centralized scheduling system so that authorized members of your team can schedule, reschedule, and delete to a single calendar.

Note: The steps for shared calendar setup may vary depending on how your organization has configured its Google settings. Check with your organization's Google account admin or learn more on Google.

Create a shared calendar

To create a shared calendar, determine who should own the calendar, then have the owner login to Google Calendar.

Click + beside Other calendars.

Click Create new calendar.

Google Calendar shows Create new calendar button highlighted in marigold

Next, use the provided fields to give the calendar a name, description, and time zone.

When finished, click Create calendar.

Once the calendar is created, click the name of your new calendar on the left.

Scroll to the Share with specific people or groups section, and click Add people and groups.

Google Calendar shows Add people and groups button highlighted in marigold

Add people or groups who should have permission to schedule, reschedule, and delete interviews to your shared calendar.

From the permissions dropdown, select Make changes to events or Make changes and manage sharing.

When finished, click Send.

Everyone you selected will be invited to the shared calendar. Have them check their email and accept the invitation to begin scheduling on the new calendar.

Tip: To receive notifications when people accept or decline your event invites, navigate to the calendar settings and check the box to receive event notifications.