Send interview confirmation email (Google Calendar)

Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Once an interview is scheduled, you can confirm the date and time with the candidate by sending an interview confirmation email.

Send interview confirmation email

To send an interview confirmation email, navigate to the scheduled stage on the candidate's On Job tab.

Click Send Interview Confirmation.

From the Availability dialog box, edit the email and fields if desired. By default, the email uses the template Candidate Interview Confirmation Message.

Availability window showing the email the candidate will receive.png

To set a candidate interview reminder, check the box next to Send interview reminder 24 hours before the scheduled interview.

Candidate confirmation email pop up window with an orange box around the interview reminder checkbox.png

To learn more about attaching calendar files, click here.

When finished, click Send Email.

Include calendar files (.ics)

Calendar files allow candidates to add a scheduled interview to their personal calendars via a downloadable (.ics) file. By default, Greenhouse Recruiting includes the calendar files in the intergview confirmation email. You can uncheck the box to remove the .ics calendar file. 

Note: If all of the scheduled interviews are back-to-back with no gaps in-between, one calendar file will be attached with the start time of the first interview and the end time of the last one. If there are gaps, multiple files will be added, although Greenhouse will attempt to consolidate them wherever possible.

You can adjust the name of the calendar files by clicking the Edit icon edit.png.

Once the interview confirmation email is sent, the calendar files will be added as an attachment to the email.

The way the file is displayed for the candidate can vary with each mail/calendar client. Generally, the candidate will need to download and/or add the .ics file(s) to their calendars.

The body of your email will also be displayed in the calendar files, so anything the candidate needs to know should be readily available to them.

Note: Calendar files are not linked to the scheduled interviews in Greenhouse, so making a change to the date or time would require sending update calendar files to the candidate manually.