Permissions: Coordinator, Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

In Greenhouse Onboarding, masked fields are a unique field type selection that can be configured when creating new fields.

Generally, the masked field type is reserved for fields containing sensitive employee information your organization may want to hide once the information is input within employee profiles

Add a masked field

To add a masked field to Greenhouse Onboarding, click Settings on your navigation bar, then select Fields on the left.

Click the Ellipsis icon beside a field group and select Add Field from the dropdown.

Note: New fields cannot be added to the Basic Information field group.

Use the subsequent box to give the field a name, explanatory text, and / or rules.

Select Masked Field from the Field Type dropdown.

When finished, navigate to the bottom of the dialog box and click Save. Your masked field is added to your organization.

View and edit permissions on masked fields

Once a value has been input into a masked field, the value will be anonymized from direct viewing, regardless of a user's view and/or edit permissions. Users also won't be able to copy and paste the field content elsewhere. 

Note: Generated field reports will populate un-redacted values for masked fields. The field content for masked fields can also be viewable using the Greenhouse Onboarding API. 

If a user is granted edit access to a masked field, they will be able to replace the value for the field but not reveal the original value in the field.