Central Test offers decision-makers a wide portfolio of innovative and reliable online assessment tools to help organizations gain valuable insight into a candidate's people abilities, behavior, and potential to succeed.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Central Test allows you to seamlessly add Central Test’s assessments to a job's interview plan.

Set up the Central Test integration

To enable the integration, follow the steps in this article to retrieve your API key from your Central Test representative and set up the assessment stage in your interview plans.

Once you've set up your interview plans and configured your take-home test, you'll be able to send the test to candidates.

Use the Central Test integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Once the Greenhouse Recruiting / Central Test integration is enabled for your organization, you will be able to add the Central Test assessment as an interview stage.

You can send an assessment to a candidate by selecting the Send Test button next to the interview stage.

After it has been sent, an assessment's status will display in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Once the candidate has submitted their test, the Interview Kit will contain a link to view the submitted test in the Central Test application.

To see a candidate's results in Central Test, click View Report.

Troubleshoot errors

A user could experience some errors such as not having enough credits to send a test to a candidate. This is the most common "error" that a user may encounter. In that case, the user will get a message in his/her inbox on his/her Central Test's account explaining the reason why he/she couldn't send an invitation (not enough credits), therefore the user will be able to order more credits to send the invitation.

Another error that the user may encounter could be when he/she tries to send the same test to the same candidate (In that case, the user will get the following notification in his/her inbox : "The candidate has already been invited to take this test. He/she will get a reminder email"). In any case of occuring error, the user will be notified.

Additional resources

For additional information not covered here, reach out to adrien.mazzoli@centraltest.com or +33 (0)146594222.