In an effort to improve our suite of products, Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. Stay up-to-date with what's new at Greenhouse by Following our Release Notes.

Find our releases for this week below:


Greenhouse Recruiting

  • We just release a small update that allows your organization to view when a job was first published (made live). Regardless of whether the job is later turned off, the First Published date will not change.
  • Note: This feature does not apply retroactively to pre-existing jobs in your organization.


  • Greenhouse Inclusion updated our resume highlights feature so that all attachments will be renamed File # (e.g File 1) since candidates oftentimes include identifying information in the file name. Additionally, we are also redacting the following information when the feature is enabled:
    • website/social media links
    • referral questions
    • LinkedIn URL contained in a job post answer
  • When you create a new job using another job as a template (i.e. Copy an Existing Job), you can select to copy over Forms. This should expedite the new job creation process especially if your organization is using template jobs.
  • In compliance with GDPR, candidate responses to Forms is now an option that can be targeted for deletion


Bug Fixes

  • Forms should now copy in bulk to other jobs. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • We fixed an issue found when using the Copying an Existing Job feature to create a new job. When using this feature the webhook will no longer fire a "job_post_updated" webhook but rather the more accurate "job_post_created" webhook.
  • Speaking of which, we also fixed an issue found on the Approvals page so that any updates made will fire a "job_updated" webhook.
  • Users in Greenhouse Onboarding can now delete employees even if they have been assigned a task.