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Resume Highlights


Resume highlights is a feature included in Greenhouse Inclusion that allows your organization to show or hide select pieces of information from resumes. By anonymizing this data, your organization can help recruiters and interviewers make more structured decisions and reduce unconscious bias when reviewing resumes. Since interviewers and recruiters only see the essential information on a resume they are less likely to rely on mental shortcuts and preconceived notions during evaluations.

Learn more about structured decision making and unconscious bias, as well as some research examples, by visiting our additional documentation: Structured Decision Making and Bias Reducing Behavior

In this article, we will cover how to:


Configure Resume Highlights

To configure the details of the feature, be sure to have the feature activated from the Inclusion page.


Once the feature is activated, click Configure. An additional panel will appear where you can choose to Show or Hide elements of the resume. Place a check under either the Show or Hide column for every line item. 

Click Save to confirm your choices. 


Depending on how you configure the feature, interviewers and recruiters might see the following resume during evaluations:


Note: A message at the bottom of the resume will inform the reviewer that elements of the resume were anonymized to help combat unconscious bias. 

Using the resume highlights, your interviewers and recruiters can focus on the relevant aspects of the resume without being exposed to factors that can influence bias like school name and employers. By emphasizing only the relevant information on a resume, your organization can avoid issues like inadvertently applying differing standards when comparing underrepresented group members and majority group counterparts. 


Apply Resume Highlights to Stages in Interview Plan 

Once the Resume Highlights feature is enabled for your organization, it can be applied to different stages for a job's interview plan. To select which stages should have Resume Highlights enabled, click the All Jobs tab from your navigation bar and select a job from the subsequent list.


From the Job page, click Job Setup and navigate to Interview Plan on the left-hand panel.


From the Interview Plan page, click Inclusion.

Select which stages from the job's interview plan where Resume Highlights should be displayed instead of the original resume.


Additionally, when the feature is enabled, all attachments will be renamed File # (e.g File 1) since candidates oftentimes include identifying information in the file name. We will also redact the following information:

  • Website/social media links
  • Referral questions
  • LinkedIn URL contained in a job post answer


Report Resume Highlight Issue

Greenhouse Inclusion's Resume Highlights feature uses an algorithm to scan the contents of resumes and anonymize the data that you have selected to hide. However, with the infinite array of resume formatting, structure, feature configuration, is possible that Greenhouse Inclusion can fail to show the necessary information needed to make a fair evaluation.

Rather than provide your team with too little information to make a decision, users can report whenever the Resume Highlight feature fails to show the necessary information and then access the entire unhighlighted resume. This is performed on a per candidate basis. 

When viewing a highlighted resume, users can report issues by clicking Report an Issue.


Use the subsequent dialog box to explain how the feature failed to show the correct information. Click Report Issue.


Once the issue is reported, a link to the original resume can be accessed from the resume highlights panel. Click View Original Resume.