The Your Next Steps email is a follow-up email sent from Greenhouse Onboarding to the New Hire after they have been assigned an onboarding plan. In the email, New Hires will receive a summary of who their manager is and tasks that need their attention.

Note: To learn more about how to configure the delivery schedule of the Your Next Steps Email, click here.

Greenhouse Onboarding provides a default version of this email but your organization can elect to add multiple variations. In this article, we will cover how to:

To start, click Settings from the navigation bar and select Emails from the Onboarding Plan section on the left-hand panel.


From the Emails page, navigate to the Your next steps section and hover over any of the listed variations. Click the Edit icon edit_2.png.



Edit Default Your Next Steps Email

If the default Your Next Steps email is selected, a special default Edit Email Template dialog box will open. From this dialog box, you can only edit the message (i.e. body) of the email. This template cannot be deactivated. Additionally, you will be unable to edit the template's name and filter conditions.

Unlike Your Next Steps email variations, the default template is intended to work as a catch-all for New Hires that are not assigned any conditions like DepartmentLocationEmployment Status, etc...


When you have finished editing the message for the default Your Next Steps email, click Save and Close.

New Hires will be sent either a variant Your Next Steps email (based on their filter conditions) or the default Your Next Steps email.


Edit Your Next Steps Email Variations 

For more information on how to create a Your Next Steps email variation, click here.

If a Your Next Steps email variation is selected, you can deactivate, edit the name, message, and filter conditions of the variation from the subsequent dialog box.

Note: Since the Your Next Steps email variation is intended to replace the default version of the email for certain employees, filter conditions must be applied to the email variation so Greenhouse Onboarding knows when to send which Your Next Steps email.


When you have finished editing the Your Next Steps email variation, click Save and Close.

New Hires will be sent either a variant Your Next Steps email (based on their filter conditions) or the default Your Next Steps email.