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The Greenhouse Pack provides seamless integration between your Docs and the Greenhouse Harvest API. To connect your doc to Greenhouse, you'll need to a Greenhouse API Key.

Step 1: Create an API Key

To create your API Key, navigate to the Developer Center:

  • Click on the button Create New API Key at the top of the screen
  • Give the new key a descriptive name (ex: Coda)
  • Select type Harvest as this key will be used with the Harvest API.

Step 2: Set Key Permissions

Once you have an API key created, customize the permissions to ensure Coda has access to read and write data within Greenhouse:

  • Make sure you grant the key all permissions by clicking on Select All
  • Save the updated permissions changes and then copy the key to the clipboard
  • Now head on over to Coda, add the Greenhouse Pack and paste in your API Key