Note: To deactivate the ability for users to follow referrals, please account your Customer Success Manager.

With the Follow Referral feature, a user can elect to receive email notifications every time a referral they have submitted is moved to a new stage or rejected from a job. Users who follow a referral will also receive email notifications if they are transferred to a job where the user has permissions. In this article we will cover how to:


Follow a Referral

Users can elect to follow the progress of a referral at the moment the referral is made. To follow a referral, navigate to the Add a Referral panel on the My Dashboard page. Click +Add a referral.


From the Add a Referral page, input the details of the referral in the appropriate fields. When finished, navigate down the page and ensure that a check is placed next to Follow Referral.

Click Add this referral.


Alternatively, if the referral was not followed at the moment of submission, the user can navigate to the My Referrals panel on the My Dashboard page, and hover over the name of the referral until Follow appears.

Click Follow. The follow icon Screen_Shot_2018-10-15_at_10.18.06_AM.png will appear to indicate that the referral is now being followed by the user.


The referral is now followed by the user who submitted them and will receive email updates when that referral is moved to a new stage, rejected from a job, or is moved to a job where the user also has permissions. Users will receive email notifications like the one below:



Unfollow Referral

To unfollow a referral and no longer receive email notifications for that referrals progress, navigate to the My Referrals panel on the My Dashboard page.

Hover over the name of the referral until Unfollow appears. Click Unfollow.