Candidate Survey by Demographic Report


The Candidate Survey feature allows your organization to configure a short survey that will be sent to candidates after they have exited your hiring process. Feedback captured in the Candidate Survey provides valuable insight into how candidates are experiencing your interview pipeline.

The Candidate Survey By Demographic report aggregates responses to candidate survey questions and organizes this data by responses to custom demographic questions on job posts. To learn more about how you can create and enable custom demographic questions on job posts, click here.

Note: By default, the Activity Date for the report is set to Current Year.

To create a Candidate Survey by Demographic report, click the ellipsis ellipsis.png on the navigation bar and select Reports from the dropdown menu.


From the Reports page, navigate to the Measure the Impact of Inclusive Hiring Practices section of the page and click Candidate Surveys By Demographic.


The Candidate Survey By Demographic report can be organized by Department and Offices, and can be limited to a select date range.

If necessary, click Next to see additional rows in the report. 


Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the data, any emailed version of the Candidate Survey by Demographic report includes an expiring link to the spreadsheet.