Product updates:

  • You now have more control over how candidates submit resumes and cover letters when applying for your jobs. Go to Configure > Job Board to deactivate document upload options via Google Drive or Dropbox. These upload options are enabled by default for all job boards.


CRM updates:

  • To better keep track of the Prospect Pools relevant to you, you can Follow a Pool and filter for Pools I’m following.


API updates:

Integration updates:

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Take home test attachments wouldn’t download when editing the interview. For sanity’s sake, it’s important to confirm the test you’ll be sending to candidates isn’t an embarrassing screenshot instead, so we’ve fixed this.
  • We hope you enjoyed this game of Where’s Waldo as much as we did when the ‘Locate me’ option on Internal Job Boards stopped working. Applying for internal roles is now maybe slightly less exciting, but definitely more efficient.
  • If a candidate had parentheses or other special characters in their name, uploading their offer document to DocuSign failed catastrophically. We’ll be more inclusive and accepting of all character types going forward to prevent another meltdown like this.
  • SSO was so secure that users were prevented entirely for logging into the mobile app. We’ve assessed the risk and decided to lessen these restrictions (for now).