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Collect Custom Demographic Responses on Job Posts


Before your team can activate and enable custom demographic questions on job posts, you will need to have created at least one question. To learn more about how to create custom demographic questions, click here. In this article, we will cover how to:

Once enabled, all responses will be be reported in the Pipeline by Demographic report. 


Activate Custom Demographic Questions Feature

To activate these features, click the ellipsis ellipsis.png from your navigation bar and select Inclusion from the dropdown menu.


From the Inclusion page, navigate to the Configure panel on the right-hand side and click Configure tools to reduce bias.


From the Inclusion page, navigate to the Data Collection panel and toggle the button ON next to Job Posts.

You cannot active the feature until you have created at least 1 demographic question. Greenhouse Inclusion does not provide any default demographic question and first time users of this feature should visit: Create a Custom Demographic Question


Note: Your list of custom demographic questions will be stored under a Section Header. To access the question click Edit under the Action column. The Language column will display English as the default language until Greenhouse supports multiple languages.


Enable Custom Demographic Questions on Single Job

Once custom demographic questions are activated for your organization, these questions can be enabled on a per job basis.

Note: Custom demographic questions can be enabled for single jobs by a user with Job Admin level permissions.

To enable these questions, navigate to a specific job by clicking All Jobs on the navigation bar and selecting a job from the list.


Click Job Setup on the job's navigation bar and select Job Posts from the left-hand panel.

Click the Edit icon edit.pngbeside the job post you would like to edit. 


From the Edit Your Job Post page, navigate to the Settings panel and click the checkbox next to Include Custom Demographic Questions.

When finished, click Save to confirm the change.


Your custom demographic questions will be added to this job's job post.


Enable Custom Demographic Questions on Multiple Jobs (in Bulk)

If your organization would like to enable custom demographic questions for more than one job (in bulk), click All Jobs from your navigation bar. 

From the All Jobs page, click Bulk Actions and select the jobs that should have custom demographic questions in their job posts. Once finished, click Edit External Job Posts.

Note: Alternatively, if you would like to edit internal job posts for all the jobs selected in your bulk edit, click Edit Internal Job Posts.


From the Bulk Job Post Edit page, navigate to the Settings panel and click the ellipsis beside the question: Should custom demographic questions be included in the application form?

Select Make Yes for All from the dropdown menu.


When finished, navigate to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.