Permissions: Coordinator and Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Your organization's Welcome Experience is comprised of pages arranged in a particular order. New Hires who are added to your Greenhouse Onboarding account will be directed to this sequence of pages. We provide easy-to-use authoring tools to customize every page in your Welcome Experience that you can then filter for specific users and arrange in any order you wish.

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Create and Customize a New Page

Note: Click here if you are interested in learning how to reorganize the flow of your Welcome Experience pages. 

To access the management page for Welcome Experience Pages, click Settings from the navigation bar and select Pages from the left-hand panel. 


Click Create New Page.


The new page will be blank and ready for customization. At the bottom of the page, the Component Drawer should already be open.

If not, click Open Drawer to reveal the available customization components. 


Components you can use to customize the page include: 

Text Text field

Upload image from your computer (max file size 3MB and 1016px width) or provide a Video URL (YouTube or Vimeo).

Note: Images uploaded via the Media Component will need to be (re)sized outside of Greenhouse Onboarding to desired specifications and then uploaded. 
Employees Click Edit at the top of the component to select a Role or specific user. 
Timeline Click Edit at the top of the component to add important events/anniversaries for your organization.
Fields Displays fields a New Hire will fill out. They can be configured by navigating to Settings > Fields.

Documents assigned to the New Hire and require an e-signature will be populated. Tasks can be configured by navigating to Settings > Onboarding Plan > E-Signatures Templates.

Note: The E-Signature modal is not available in Greenhouse Welcome. Access to this feature requires a Greenhouse Onboarding subscription.
Line Break Adds a visible line break between elements on the Welcome Experience page.

To customize the page with components, click and hold the component icon in the drawer. Drag to the desired position until the Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_11.20.00_AM.png is highlighted and release the component. 


Click and hold the Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_11.18.21_AM.png tab to the left of the component to rearrange components you've added onto the page. Drag to the desired position until the Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_11.20.00_AM.png is highlighted and release the component. 

If needed, click the Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_11.23.43_AM.png icon in the top-right corner of the component to delete a component on the page.  


When finished, toggle the Published button located in the right-side panel to ON to enable the page. 


To save your progress, click Save in at the top of the left-side panel. 

Assign Page Rules

The Page Rules section on the left-hand panel allows you to apply rules to this individual page so that it will only be included for New Hires that meet all the criteria. Use the provided dropdown menus to apply any rules to this page. You can set multiple parameters across and within each field. 


To save your progress, click Save in the upper left-hand corner of the page.   


Delete a Page

If you ever need to delete a page, navigate to the left-hand panel and click Delete Page

Note: Any employees currently going through onboarding will no longer see the deleted page in the Welcome Experience.

To confirm your choice, click Delete Page from the subsequent dialog box.