Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Outlook 365 is part of Office 365, a cloud-based subscription service that allows your organization to create, communicate, and collaborate using Microsoft tools. Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Outlook 365 lets you schedule, update, and delete interviews from calendars where you have the appropriate permissions.

If you're experiencing issues with the integration, a few troubleshooting steps can get you back on track.

Unable to set up the integration

Needs admin approval error

When enabling the Outlook 365 integration, people at organizations with more restrictive security policies might receive a prompt that requires an admin to approve before you can complete setup.

An example Microsoft 365 permission pane is shown with an approval required message

This error is caused when your organization turns off the Microsoft 365 setting that allows users to consent to access company data on their behalf.

To address this error, an Outlook 365 admin will need to set up the integration on their Greenhouse Recruiting account and select Consent on behalf of your organization on the OAuth2 grant screen.

Afterward, other users at your organization will be allowed to set up their own Outlook 365 integration in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Unable to send invites

Sometimes you may not see the option to add video conferencing or click Send invites on the final scheduling step. This error typically indicates an incorrect setup with your default Greenhouse Recruiting scheduling calendar.

To correct the default scheduling calendar, navigate to a candidate profile that currently requires scheduling.

Click Schedule Interview on the candidate profile.

On the Scheduling page, click the Settings icon at the top-right.

Calendar settings is shown

Ensure your Calendar Type is set to Outlook 365, and then your Calendar Name from the drop-down.

Calendar settings with Outlook 365 chosen as the default scheduling calendar

Click Save.

These settings will dictate the default scheduling calendar to be used when scheduling candidates on Greenhouse Recruiting.

Continue scheduling the candidate as normal.

Unable to schedule to shared calendars

If you're unable to schedule to or see shared calendars or other shared resources, you may need to update some Outlook 365 settings.

To update your shared calendar permissions, log into the Outlook365 web app.

Note: This issue can't be fixed on the desktop application.

Next, complete the following steps:

Note: Both the calendar owner and the person who needs to schedule using the shared calendar will need to update these settings. To learn more, click here.

Update sharing permissions

The owner of the shared calendar should right-click on the calendar to open the Sharing Permissions. For a shared mailbox, a user with access to manage the mailbox’s sharing permissions must open the shared mailbox directly.

An example permissions setting is shown in Microsoft Office with sharing permissions highlighted

The calendar owner should remove the user’s access to the calendar and then re-add the user’s access. The can edit permission is needed to schedule to a calendar via the integration.

An example permissions setting is shown in Microsoft Office with Can Edit permission highlighted

Accept shared invite

The recipient user who wants to access the calendar in Greenhouse Recruiting must re-accept the shared calendar invitation through the web app.

An example user is shown accepting a new shared calendar invitation

After completing these steps, the user who accepts the invitation should see the shared calendar in Greenhouse Recruiting when scheduling.