Regularly collecting and tracking demographic data allows your organization to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your inclusion and diversity efforts. Specifically, applicant demographic data and information about how individual candidates are progressing through your pipeline can indicate any problematic areas in your recruiting process.

The Pipeline By Demographic Report aggregates candidate responses to custom demographic questions or EEOC demographic questions asked across enabled job posts. The report results will only include jobs where you are a Job Admin who has permission to view EEOC and demographic reports.

To learn more about how to create and enable custom demographic questions on job posts, click here.

See the following sections for more information:


Create Pipeline by Custom Demographic Report

To create a Pipeline By Demographic report, click the ellipsis icon ellipsis.png on the navigation bar and select Reports from the dropdown menu.


From the Reports page, navigate to the Measure the Impact of Inclusive Hiring Practices section of the page and click Pipeline by Demographic.


The Pipeline By Demographic report can be organized by Milestones or stages, and can be filtered by jobs and/or group of candidates.

Every demographic question included in the report displays rows for each possible response, as well as rows for Did not receive demographic questions and No response to support a more complete picture of your pipeline.

  • Did not receive demographic questions: Refers to candidates who were never sent demographic questions either via the Job Post Request email or EEOC survey email. 
  • No response: Refers to candidates who were given the opportunity to answer demographic questions, but chose not to. This includes candidates who applied through the job post and skipped the demographic questions, or were manually added and sent the Job Post Request or EEOC survey via email but never filled it out.


Note: To best maintain the anonymity of applicants, demographic questions that receive fewer than 5 responses will display < 5.

Finally, the report includes two ways to review pass rates: 

  • Pass rate: Refers to the percentage of candidates who advanced to the following milestone for a specific demographic identity
  • Milestone pass rate: Refers to the overall percentage of candidates for the selected job(s) who advance to the following milestone


View Pipeline by Custom Demographic Question Sets

Expand the Filters and more panel and navigate to the Use data from dropdown menu. Select a Custom Demographic Question Set and then click Apply to repopulate the report with your selected filter.

The report will display responses to the custom demographic question set questions for all jobs included in the report and within your specified timeframe. 



View Pipeline by EEOC Questions

Expand the Filters and more panel and navigate to the Use data from dropdown menu. Select EEOC Questions and then click Apply to repopulate the report.

The report will display responses to your EEOC questions for all jobs included in the report and within your specified timeframe.



Pipeline by Demographic Report Visualization

The Pipeline by Demographic report allows users to create a customizable visualization of the data for one demographic question at a time, and includes two visualization options: 

  • Sum of Total view
  • Percentage of Total view 

Click the Demographic question dropdown at the top of the visualization panel to select a question. 


Click the visualization dropdown at the bottom of the panel to select the view. 


Once you have selected the demographic question and view, hover over a demographic answer choice in a specific milestone or stage to reveal more information about the represented data: 

  • Number of candidates who selected the answer choice
  • Pass rate for candidates who selected the answer choice
  • Milestone pass rate for all candidates for the selected jobs(s)
  • Percentage change between Pass rate and Milestone pass rate