The scorecard is a list of the skills, traits, and qualifications someone will need to have in order to be successful in the upcoming role. These attributes are what the interview process will be designed to test and verify for each candidate.

Scorecard Definitions and the next step, Interview Planning, are often done in tandem. Together, they enable you to define and formalize desired candidate attributes into an interview process that screens for these agreed upon attributes.

In this article, we will cover the goals of this step and provide some resources on how you can use Greenhouse to achieve these goals.

Scorecard definition goals 

The scorecard you define for the role is the basis for the interview process. Future interviews for the role will be designed to test and verify the components of this scorecard. When finished with this step, your hiring team should have a clear vision on the details of the role you are hiring for, the attributes necessary for someone to be successful in the role, and the right candidate's profile.

The process your team uses to define the scorecard is up to you. Some advice we can offer about this step is to:

  1. Keep it brief- the more attributes you add to the scorecard, the more interviews you will need to assess each candidate.
  2. Be realistic- stick to attributes that a candidate will need to truly be successful in the role.
  3. Be mutually exclusive and collective exhausting - that is, do not pick attributes that overlap with each other. Instead focus on how these individual attributes, when considered together, provide a comprehensive image of a candidate.

To learn more about how you can leverage Greenhouse to design insightful scorecards, follow the links below: