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Greenhouse Recruiting's DE&I feature set provides various tools to help your organization reduce bias. Some of these tools include "nudges," and equal access to interview preparation materials. These tools are designed to non-intrusively interrupt decision-making processes and proactively level the playing field for all candidates.


Nudges are timely reminders that help change behaviors by helping employees remember to engage in efforts to disrupt unconscious bias and promote inclusion.1 These well-timed reminders can significantly reduce bias. Without these structured interrupters, our brains quickly process information using mental shortcuts and allow bias to play a bigger role in our decisions.2 Non-intrusive nudges prompt employees to consider diversity in real-time when making referrals, to be consistent and structured in evaluating applications, and to make more objective decisions overall.3

Greenhouse Recruiting offers a variety of nudges throughout the hiring process to help recruiters and interviewers stay aware of unconscious bias. Once activated these anti-bias nudges will appear in the:

  • Add a Referral page
  • Edit Your Job Post page
  • Application review
  • Interview kit
  • Scorecard summary
  • Job post Manage Rules and Add a Rule pages

For instance, the application review anti-bias nudge reminds recruiters to keep in mind the explicit criteria outlined for the role during the review stage.

Likewise, a scorecard anti-bias nudge continually helps interviewers maintain objectivity when filling out their scorecards.


Click the following links to learn more about anti-bias nudges: sourcing, application review, interviewing.

Interview preparation materials

Candidates who lack networks of friends that can tell them what to expect, who didn’t attend a school that prepared students well for interviews, or who haven’t interviewed at companies that have a similar process, are at a disadvantage during the interview process. These candidates are often from underrepresented backgrounds.4 By providing interview preparation materials to all candidates, companies can help make their hiring processes more inclusive and appealing to a diverse applicant pool.

With Greenhouse Recruiting's DE&I feature set, your organization can activate a nudge that will remind editors of the Default Candidate Interview Confirmation Template to provide preparatory information for all interviewing candidates. Interview preparation materials, like a guide to onsite interviews, can make the hiring process more accessible. This in turn ensures that all candidates are set up for success.

To learn more about Greenhouse Recruiting's features for interview preparation and other interviewing nudges, click here.

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