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As you're diving into scorecard configuration, one key element is setting up your scorecard categories. We suggest using our sample template if you're having trouble defining the categories that you'd like to use.

Greenhouse Recruiting's sample scorecard supports you in creating this structure with the following four default scorecard categories:

1. Details

Is the candidate eligible to be considered for the role? Evaluate the basic requirements to be considered for the job.

Example attributes: Able to work in the US, fits salary range, willing to do required travel

2. Qualifications

Does the candidate have the necessary qualifications? Verify the concrete previous experiences or certifications that are required to fill the role.

Example attributes: Engineering degree, HR certification, SaaS experience

3. Skills

Does the candidate have the work product and skills? Consider the skills and expertise that an ideal candidate would have honed throughout their career.

Example attributes: Event coordination, lead generation, budget management

4. Personality traits

Will this candidate add to the company culture? Understand the personality and culture add of the candidate.

Example attributes: Entrepreneurial, likes to learn new things, passionate

If the default scorecard categories don't resonate with you, check out the other ways some organizations have categorized their scorecards:

  • Interview type: Phone interview, take home test, culture fit, department interview, executive interview
  • Skill type: Job description, department requirements, company values, general requirements