Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The job status report allows you to reference the status of all your jobs and their openings in your organization. You can use this report to better understand the number of jobs opened within a timeframe, and whether there were any hires on the requisition. This report can also help your finance department track against hiring plans.

Note: Having trouble understanding job statuses? Check out this video for more information.

Job status report

To create a job status report, click Reports on your navigation bar.

Screenshot of Reports button

Click Essential Reports on the left.

Screenshot of Essential reports button

Scroll to the Keep Finance Up to Date section and click Job Status.

Screenshot of Job status report button

The job status report will generate.

Screenshot of an example job status report

The report will display information for the following:

Note: The job status report will populate data for every job where you have the appropriate permissions.

Job status report filters

Click Filters and more to apply filters to further refine your report.

Screenshot of job status report filters

The job status report can be filtered by the following:

  • Job
  • Job status
  • Department
  • Office
  • User
  • Hiring team role
  • Custom job field
  • Open date

Click Apply after applying any filters to your report.