Permissions: Owners

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Field groups organize the list of onboarding fields into a category. This enables your organization to quickly view and configure the data fields that should be collected during a New Hire's onboarding.

Access the field groups

Click Settings from the navigation bar and select Fields from the Company Info section on the left-side panel. 


Default field groups

The default field groups consist of the following:

  • Basic Information
  • Additional Information
  • Job
  • Personal Information Fields 
  • Profile Fields
  • Social Fields

Note: The Basic Information field group is a collection of information for every employee and new hire in your organization.

You are unable to rename, add new fields, or move fields into or outside the Basic Information field group.

To rearrange the organization of fields within the same field group, click and hold a field, then drag it to a new position within the field group.


To move a field to a different field group, click and hold the field, then drag and drop it to a different field group.  


Add and edit a field group

To add a new field group, click Add Field Group located at the top of the Fields page. 


Give the new field group a Name in the dialog box. When finished, click Save and Close.


Note: Field groups are arranged in alphabetical order.

To edit a field group, click the ellipsis icon inline with the Field Group. Then, select Edit Field Group from the dropdown menu. 


Delete a field group

A field group can only be deleted once all fields within the group are deleted or moved to another Field Group. 

Once all fields are deleted or moved, click the ellipsis icon inline with the Field Group. Then, select Edit Field Group from the dropdown menu. 


Click Delete within the Edit Field Group dialog box. 


On the next page, select Yes, delete it to confirm the deletion.