When a candidate is marked as hired, Greenhouse Recruiting can export all relevant data about the new hire using a web hook. This export will include the candidate, job, and offer details, as well as any custom fields configured in Greenhouse Recruiting. You can view a sample candidate hired web hook payload here: Developer Resources > Web Hooks > Candidate hired.

Tip: The hired candidate export can be received by your HRIS platform and transformed so that the data can be used to create a pre-hire and employee record in your HRIS. Information about the position can also be included if the position was created in Greenhouse Recruiting. Most of this integration work is done in the HRIS platform to build the listener workflow that receives the data and transforms it into your HRIS. 

Create a candidate hired web hook

To create a candidate hired web hook, click the Configure Configure icon on your navigation bar, then select Dev Center on the left.

Configure page showing Dev Center highlighted in marigold emphasis box

Click Web Hooks > Web Hooks.

Web Hooks page shows marigold emphasis box around web hooks button

Create a new web hook using the following details:

  • Name: We recommend something easily identifiable to an end user, such as [HRIS name] candidate export.
  • When: Candidate has been hired
  • Endpoint URL: The HRIS URL that will receive and transform the candidate data.
  • Secret key: This can be set to any value. Greenhouse Recruiting combines the value set with the body of the web hook and uses the SHA256 algorithm to generate a signature header to include in the payload. When the web hook listener receives the web hook, the integration should compute the HMAC digest using the secret key and the body of the payload, then verify that Greenhouse Recruiting sent the web hook by comparing the signature header that was previously generated with the signature header included in the web hook.
  • Error recipient email: The address that receives an email notification if the web hook fails. There is no in-app notification if the web hook fails after the initial ping.

If your HRIS endpoint requires additional Basic or OAuth authentication, click Advanced settings to configure.

Click Create Web hook to complete the setup.

Greenhouse Recruiting will ping your endpoint URL. If the ping is successful, the web hook will be created. If the ping is unsuccessful, your configuration will be saved, but the web hook will be deactivated.

Note: Your endpoint may require a username / password for the web hook to work properly. For an HRIS platform, the username is often formatted as username@tenant_name.

Once created, the web hook will sync new hire information to your endpoint each time a candidate is marked as hired. A single web hook will fire per candidate, even if multiple candidates are hired at the same time. Read more: Configure a candidate hired web hook.

What happens if I unhire and rehire a candidate?

The web hook will export new hire data each time you click Mark Candidate as Hired, even if the candidate has previously been marked as hired.

One web hook will fire per candidate, even if multiple candidates are hired at the same time.