Export hired candidates to Workday

When a candidate is marked as hired, Greenhouse Recruiting can export all relevant data about the hire using a web hook. This export includes candidate details, job details, and offer details, as well as any custom fields configured in Greenhouse Recruiting. You can view a sample candidate hired web hook payload here: Developer Resources > Web Hooks > Candidate hired. This export will be received by Workday and transformed so that the data can be imported to create the pre-hire and employee record. Information about the position can also be included if the position was created in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Candidate hired web hook

Greenhouse Recruiting exports the data using our standard Candidate Hired web hook. A web hook is a simple event-based notification system. Greenhouse Recruiting provides a number of standard web hooks that can be used for a variety of integrations. Read more here: Developer Resources > Web hooks.

The candidate hired web hook is triggered in real-time when a candidate is Marked as Hired in Greenhouse Recruiting. Candidates are only exported from Greenhouse Recruiting to Workday when they're hired. One web hook will fire per candidate, even if multiple candidates are hired at the same time.

How do I enable the candidate hired web hook for Workday?

The candidate hired web hook for Workday is enabled the same way as all other web hooks in Greenhouse Recruiting, and it only takes a couple of minutes! Most of the integration work is done on the Workday side to build the listener and integration workflow that receives the data and transforms it as needed for the import into Workday. Read more here: Configure the candidate hired web hook for the Workday integration.

What happens if I unhire and rehire a candidate?

The web hook will trigger exports each time you click Mark Candidate as Hired, even if the candidate has previously been marked as hired.

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