When should I enable a custom options sync?

A custom options sync mirrors the list of options for a custom field in Greenhouse Recruiting with the list of options for a corresponding field in your HRIS platform. A custom options sync can be enabled in addition to any job import or candidate export integration you may be using with an HRIS platform.

Common examples of fields built in Greenhouse Recruiting that require custom option syncs are Supervisory Org and Cost Center. If you create a custom job field in Greenhouse Recruiting called "Cost Center" that includes a list of all available cost centers in your HRIS platform, a custom options sync will keep the list of cost centers available within your "Cost Center" field in Greenhouse Recruiting up to date with the options available in the HRIS platform.

When should I enable a custom options sync for a field in Greenhouse Recruiting?

When deciding whether to enable a custom options sync for a field in Greenhouse Recruiting, it's important to keep in mind that in order to import a field value from your HRIS platform that maps to a single-select or multi-select field in Greenhouse Recruiting, the value that you're importing must match an existing option in Greenhouse Recruiting.

For this reason, we recommend setting up custom field syncs for fields that have a large number of options (hundreds or thousands) that would be difficult to input manually into the Greenhouse Recruiting field configuration, or alternately, for fields whose options change frequently and require a sync to stay up-to-date with what's configured in the HRIS platform.

Note: A custom option sync integration syncs the list of options on the field configured in your Greenhouse Recruiting account, it doesn't sync the selected value for the field on each Greenhouse Recruiting job. For example, if you create 'Option A' on a field in your HRIS platform, the option will appear as an available option in Greenhouse Recruiting. You'll still need to go into a specific job in Greenhouse Recruiting to change the value for the field to 'Option A.'

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