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There are two ways to view changes on a single job — through the organization Change Log or through the job's Activity Feed.

The change log records historical data across your company. On the change log you can see modifications made to your organization on Greenhouse Recruiting, as well as the date/time of the changes and who was responsible for making them. You can filter the change log to isolate and view changes specific to permission levels, candidates, jobs, and more.

A job's activity feed records changes specific to the job. Use the activity feed to review edits made to your job, as well as the date/time of the changes and who was responsible for making them.

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Change log

Note: You must be a Site Admin on Greenhouse Recruiting to access the Change Log page. 

To review the organization change log for edits to a single job, click the Configure icon Icon_-_Configure.png on your navigation bar, and then select Change Log.


From the Change Log page, use the All Jobs drop-down to filter by a single job.


The change log will be filtered to only show modifications made to your selected job.

If you want to export your change log to a downloadable spreadsheet, click Export to Excel from the filter panel.


Activity feed

Note: Users will need Job Admin permissions or above to access the job's activity feed.

To access changes on a single job through the job's activity feed, click All Jobs from your navigation bar and select your job from the subsequent list.



Select Job Setup, then click Activity Feed on the left.


The resulting activity feed for the job will show major edits to the job, including the date/time of the edits, and who performed the changes.