Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can manage custom fields

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Custom job fields allow you to capture data custom to your organization in a standardized format. Over time, you may need to delete a custom job field as you make process changes.

General considerations

Deleting a custom job field will affect your new jobs, existing jobs, and reports in different ways. When you delete a custom job field:

  • The custom field will not appear when creating a new job.
  • The custom field will be removed from existing jobs with no associated custom field data.
  • The custom field will remain on existing jobs that already have associated custom field data.
  • The custom field and associated data will no longer appear in your reports.

Learn more about what happens after you delete a custom field

Delete a custom job field

To delete a custom job field, go to the Custom Options page. (Configure Configure-icon.png > Custom Options)

In the Company Custom Fields section, click Jobs.


Find your custom job field and click Delete.


Confirm your selection by clicking Yes, remove it.


Note: Any existing data for this custom job field will still be visible, but the custom job field will no longer show up for new jobs. Deleted custom job fields and associated data will also be removed from your reports.