Permissions: Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Terminated employees refer to former employees who have since left your organization. Users with Owner access can update employment statuses in Greenhouse Onboarding to mark employees as terminated. 

Pre-termination checklist

Before terminating an employee in Greenhouse Onboarding, your organization will want to ensure that any direct reports, open tasks, or planned tasks are reassigned to another employee. Follow the checklist below to ensure a smooth transition once the employee profile is terminated:

Reassign direct reports
Reassign or delete open tasks assigned to the terminated employee
Delete open tasks assigned for the terminated employee
Reassign any planned tasks

Once you have completed the above reassignments and deletions, you're ready to terminate an employee profile.

Terminate an employee

To terminate an employee in your organization, use the search bar to open the employee's profile.

Owner view of search for employee profile with search result highlighted

Click the Admin tab on your employee's profile.

Owner view of employee profile in Greenhouse Onboarding with Admin tab highlighted

On the Admin page, scroll to the Employment Status panel and click Edit.

Employment status section on employee profile admin page with edit button highlighted

Change the employee's Employment Status to Terminated and set their Date of Termination. Click Save when you're done.

Employment status section with terminated employee status and termination date filled out and highlighted

You'll be asked to confirm the termination and provided a summary of what happens once you officially terminate the employee.

When you're ready, click Terminate Employee.

Confirm termination window with terminate employee button highlighted

View and manage terminated employee profiles

The terminated employee will still appear in tasks and reports until their termination date has arrived.

Once an employee's termination date has passed, the employee's profile will be hidden from all other employees in your organization and will be removed from tasks and reports.

Users with Coordinator and Owner permissions will be able to search for terminated employee profiles after the termination date.