Product updates:

  • Site and Job Admins will now see a new tab on Job Setup for Activity Feed. This feed will show you all Change Log entries for that particular job, helping you audit and track actions by your teams.


  • To go along with the previous updates we made when a user is removed from a job, we’ve also added the strikethrough treatment to users’ names when they are disabled in Greenhouse.


  • When you only want to review a subset of applications based on relevant filters or with a shared characteristic or tag (like the same answer to a job post question), you can now do so with Bulk Application Review!


  • Coming soon! The Candidate Activity Feed will be getting a major design upgrade soon, making it easier to scan the page and find the most important information from different activities.


GHA updates:

  • In order to help report on text content, for custom fields, the `text_value` was expanded to 16K. Read more about this change.

Integration updates:

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • When trying to edit the details of an Event, the page panicked and didn’t work. It’s back to being productive.
  • Some reports failed to load because they were overwhelmed by the amount of characters included in their URLs. After some coaxing, they should be back for more reporting action.