With the Greenhouse Recruiting mobile app, you can manage essential tasks using a simplified portal on your Android or Apple mobile device.

Download the Greenhouse Recruiting mobile app

To get started, download the Greenhouse Recruiting mobile app from one of the following providers:   

iTunes App Store

Click here to download. 


Note: The Greenhouse Recruiting mobile app for Apple is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone: Requires iOS 11.0 or later
  • iPod touch: Requires iOS 11.0 or later
  • Mac: Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later

Google Play

Click here to download.


Note: The Greenhouse Recruiting mobile app for Android requires 6.0 and up.

Log in

Choose your login method.

If you log in to Greenhouse Recruiting with an email and password, click Sign in with Email. If you log in with Google or use Single Sign-On (SSO), click Sign in with Google.

Note: To log in using SSO, choose Sign in with Google, even if you use Outlook or another email provider. You will be redirected to your SSO portal.


Note: If you have two-step authentication enabled for your account, Greenhouse Recruiting will send a 6-digit verification code to your phone.

Review applications

In order to access Application Review, you will need to be listed as a Recruiter on the Hiring Team page. Likewise, to access Hiring Manager Review, you will need to be listed as a Hiring Manager on the Hiring Team page.

To review applications, click Applications to Review from your Home Screen. Select an individual job from the following screen and begin reviewing applications.


While reviewing applications you can Reject, Leave Feedback, Advance, or Skip applications.

Screenshot_20180130-104423.png               Screenshot_20180130-114843.png

Examine interview kits

If you have upcoming interviews scheduled, you can view the associated interview kit by clicking on View Interview Kit from the Home Screen. From there you can check for any interview prep from your recruiting team, read through the job description, and review the questions you will be asking on the scorecard.

Screenshot_20180130-122620.png        Screenshot_20180130-122633.png

View candidate profiles

From the Interview Kit screen, you can click on a candidate's name to view their profile and gather key candidate information such as contact information, attachments, and recent activities. Click on the job name to view the candidate's application details like stages and submitted scorecards.

Screenshot_20180130-132741.png    Screenshot_20180130-133238.png

Complete scorecards

Some customers have opted to record their feedback during an interview using an iPad or other tablet device. To submit scorecards using the mobile app, click on View Interview Kit for a specific candidate. From the candidate's Interview Kit, click on the Scorecard tab. Input your feedback in the appropriate fields. When you have finished, click Submit Scorecard.

Screenshot_20180130-135030.png     Screenshot_20180130-135049.png

Manage offer and job approvals

If you are an approver for offers or approvals, you can perform those tasks by clicking on the Approvals panel on your Home Screen.

Pro Tip: Turn on push notifications to make sure approve quickly.


View open jobs

To keep track of your pipeline and which candidates are in which stage of your hiring process, click on the Open Jobs panel from your Home Screen. From the Open Jobs screen, you can select an individual job and view that job's current pipeline.