Permission policy: Allow job admins to copy Greenhouse default stages

When your Greenhouse account is first created, it is populated with the following default interview stages:

  • Application Review
  • Background Check
  • Document Submission
  • Executive Review
  • Face to Face
  • Face to Face 2
  • Hiring Manager Review
  • Offer
  • Offer Short List
  • Phone Interview
  • Phone Interview 2
  • Preliminary Phone Screen
  • Reference Check
  • Take Home Test
  • Trial Project

Additionally, Job Admins with the user-specific permission to Create new job stage names can also create custom stages for a job's interview process within your organization. 

We know that our users want to keep their accounts clean to make it easier to organize and report on their data. Greenhouse default stages serve an important purpose.

For example, you don't want to lose access to the special functionality of the Take Home Test stage. However, you might want to rename these stages to better match your company's internal naming conventions.

In this article:

Enabled: Allow Job Admins to copy Greenhouse default stages  

The permission Allow Job Admins to copy Greenhouse default stages allows a Job Admin to access the default interview stages and grants your organization greater control over who has the ability to customize your interview plans. 

Note: By default, every job admin in your organization has the ability to copy Greenhouse default interview stages. 

To find this permission policy, click the Configure icon Icon_-_Configure.png in the top-right corner of your dashboard. Then, navigate to Permission Policies on the left-side panel. 


The permission Allow Job Admins to copy Greenhouse default stages is located under the Job Admins section. 


With this permission policy activated, Job Admins will be able to select from the default interview stages provided by Greenhouse when creating and editing the Interview Plan for a job. 


Deactivated: Allow Job Admins to copy Greenhouse default stages

If you decide to deactivate the permission policy that allows Job Admins to copy Greenhouse default stages, Job Admins can only copy interview stages from other jobs they are allowed to access. 

To begin, click Add Stage


Click Copy from another job? and select a job from the dropdown menu. If a Job Admin does not have access to another job, they will not be able to add new interview stages to the interview plan.


Note: Site Admins will still be able to see all default interview stages in the event that they need to add stages back.