Recruiting Release Notes: 2018 - January 17

Product updates:

  • Site Admins can now export the Change Log to Excel to easily sort, filter, and analyze activity in your account. Please note that the export is limited to 10,000 entries.


  • We’ve restyled the Bulk Action modal, making it easier to scan and locate the correct workflow.


  • To help you control your interview stage names and keep your account data clean, you can now choose whether the default Greenhouse stage names will appear for Job Admins when they add new interview stages to their jobs. Go to Configure > Permission Policies > and enable/disable the checkbox for ‘Allow Job Admins to copy Greenhouse default stages.’


API updates:

  • You can now retrieve Education information from Harvest including degrees, disciplines, and schools.

Integration updates:

  • Candidate Sourcing Tools: Vouch
  • Candidate Testing: Py for Work
  • Recruitment Optimization & Analytics: MindMatch

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Some agency recruiters had trouble seeing their submitted candidates and the job names where they were submitted. We’ve cleaned up the confusion here.   
  • The Education date dropdowns on the Candidates tab stopped at 2017, making it challenging to search for candidates graduating in the future. Since we’ve officially made it to 2018, we’ve updated these fields to give you more searching options.  
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  • Avatar
    May Arinze

    How can users find out what the default GH job stages are?

  • Avatar
    Lauren Allanson

    Hi May -

    The default stages included in your Greenhouse account when it was created should be:

    Application Review
    Background Check
    Document Submission
    Executive Review
    Face to Face
    Face to Face 2
    Hiring Manager Review
    Offer Short List
    Phone Interview
    Phone Interview 2
    Preliminary Phone Screen
    Reference Check
    Take Home Test
    Trial Project

    Let us know if you have any other questions - thanks!

  • Avatar
    Paul Rakes

    Hey @Lauren Allanson,

    We leverage some of these default stages and some of them we do not. Are there any plans for us to selectively choose which stages can be copied and which ones can not? More than happy to take this to a support ticket if needed, but enabling this currently will cause issues for us in some cases.


    EDIT: Taking this convo to the community post

    Edited by Paul Rakes