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I use Vouch. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

Integrating Vouch using a Harvest API Key 

  1. Go to the Configure tab after logging into Greenhouse  
  1. Select Dev Center > Api Credential Management  
  1. Click Create New API Key


  1. When the popup opens, for type choose “Harvest” and for Description use something informative like “Vouch”                        
  1. After clicking “Create” you will be presented with the permissions for the API Key. Vouch needs “GET” and “POST” for the Candidate permission and needs all “GET” for the Job Posts permission


  1. Once complete, click “Update” and then send your new API key to your Vouch account manager 

     The following are the steps to start pushing referrals from Vouch to your Greenhouse Account 

  1. Under your profile image, switch to “Recruiter View” as show here

  1. Choose the company you want to switch to. Usually there is only one company to choose from.  Click the company you would like to administer, in our case this is “Test Company”

  1. Now click on the “Referrals” tab to view all of the possible referrals you have received

  1. Once in the Referrals tab, if you want to export a candidate to Greenhouse, click the “Export To ATS” button as highlighted here. You will be prompted to confirm, and if you say OK, your candidate will be submitted as a “prospect” under that Job in Greenhouse


  1. Once submitted, there will be a Greenhouse icon next to the candidate in your Referrals screen as shown here


  1. You will also notice that the “Export to ATS” button is no longer available since this candidate has been submitted.
  2. To view your prospect, go to Greenhouse


  1. Click on “Jobs”
  2. Click on the corresponding Job for this prospect
  3. Click the “Candidates” tab


  1. You should see your prospect listed with a source of “Vouch” as shown below