Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes or checking out the latest feature releases page.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Application limit rules

Expert-tier customers can build rules to help block duplicate applications and take more control over how often candidates are applying to roles at their organization. Read more here.

Private interviews

Interviews can now be marked as private, meaning that when they are added to a hiring team's calendar, the interview's details, including the event name, will be hidden. This new feature helps protect candidate confidentiality and reduces the steps it takes to ensure events show up as private on the candidate’s calendar. Read more here.


Attachments in self-schedule links

Documents can now be attached to self-schedule email templates so that candidates won't miss key information when scheduling interviews with Greenhouse, and helps hiring teams be more efficient when sending information to candidates in the interview process. Read more here.

Prevent user from editing scorecard after submission

Site Admins can now prevent interviewers from modifying a scorecard after their submission to ensure data integrity and ensure that all candidates are being evaluated fairly. 

Automatic approval reminders

Site Admins can now configure reminder emails to be sent automatically if a pending approval is not answered in 24 hours. Read more here.

Candidate profile updates

As part of our continuing rollout of the new candidate profile, we've made the following updates and fixes in the new experience: 

  • Reduced font size and spacing to provide a better user experience when viewing the candidate profile.
  • Updated candidate profile header so key candidate details can be referenced more easily, including contact information, time zones, tags, or referral or privacy status. 
  • Pulled specific buttons, like "go to the interview kit" and "schedule interview" out of the dropdown menu so they can be accessed more easily. 
  • Improved the spacing of the candidate profile on smaller screens.
  • Updated the frequency at which users are automatically opted-in to the new experience to coincide with major improvements and releases, rather than a set schedule.
  • Candidate availability can now be added manually. 
  • Updated the notes panel to display automatically when navigating to the candidate profile using a link in an @mention notification email.
  • Added extra logic to hide the "Email the candidate" button in cases where the candidate can't be emailed, like not having an entered email address, being marked as "do not email," or if the user doesn't have permission to email candidates.
  • Added an icon next to scorecards in the activity feed.
  • Updated offer ranges to always display, rather than only showing when the current offer was out of range.
  • Updated the application details panel to display forms more intuitively. 
  • The rejection workflow now remembers the last rejection reason and email scheduling settings. 
  • Hovering on the linked user icon now displays the name of the linked person.
  • The Schedule with Calendly link will display on stages with multiple interviews, as long as only one of those interviews is schedulable. 

Over the past month, we've also released the following fixes to the new experience: 

  • Fixed issue where take-home tests couldn't be manually uploaded unless they contained an attachment.
  • Fixed issues where suggested availability couldn't be modified without deleting and recreating the availability block.
  • Fixed display of candidate availability when it expands multiple days.
  • Fixed an issue where the right panel wasn't remembering if it was previously closed or opened when loading a new profile.
  • Fixed issue where agency notes were marked as coming from unidentified users.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate emails were acting like they were removed, but weren't actually being removed from the candidate's profile.
  • Fixed an issue where availability blocks were being cleared when moving to a different page of the calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the download button on the resume .pdf would open the file in a new window. 
  • Fixed an issue where a take-home test grader couldn't be removed even if there was another scorecard submitted.
  • Fixed an issue where the last item in the candidate's activity feed was getting cut off.
  • Fixed an issue where the Opening ID was not displayed prominently when creating an offer.
  • Fixed an issue where sending an offer with DocuSign only included one of the attachments.
  • Fixed an issue where the self-schedule link was displaying in stages with multiple interviews.
  • Fixed an issue where self-schedule links were invalid if the name of the interview included a comma.
  • Fixed an issue where self-schedule links weren't including the user's availability when using Google Calendar.  
  • Lots of small styling tweaks, changes, or other small bug fixes.

eSignature with Adobe Acrobat Sign integration enhancements

As part of our ongoing launch for the embedded eSignature solution powered by Adobe Acrobat Sign, we've released the following enhancements to the integration: 

  • Added more tokens available in offer templates
  • Added ability for Site Admins to toggle the eSignature setting on and off under the Configure page.
  • Changed formatting of tokens that used multiple signers or other variables to be more clear. 
  • Improved integration to include custom fields in templates.
  • Fixed issue with radio button token formatting.
  • Fixed issue where non-Greenhouse users couldn't be cc'd on outgoing signature requests.

Other Greenhouse Recruiting changes

In addition to the changes outlined here, Greenhouse has released several smaller, but impactful changes across our product:

  • Launched a new experience to provide users and IT teams with better troubleshooting directions if they encounter an error when trying to log into Greenhouse Recruiting through Single-Sign-On.
  • Added a setting to require a close reason when closing a job or job opening.
  • Enhanced CAPTCHA security to allow candidates to resubmit using a code after they fail a CAPTCHA test
  • Updated the LinkedIn status on the LinkedIn Apply Connect integration to provide more details for errors.


  • Candidate testing: Codejudge is a code assessment platform that enhances pre-employment testing with real-world project-based coding assessments and data-driven reports. It allows recruiters to automate skill assessments and organize hiring contests, hackathons, and live coding interviews, effectively assessing candidates' technical skills.
  • Greenhouse Onboarding: Aquera’s integration with Greenhouse Onboarding allows organizations to scale complex data management by automating the synchronization of employees from the Greenhouse Onboarding application to User Directories.
  • Greenhouse Onboarding: Aquera’s ITSM application integration with Greenhouse Onboarding allows organizations to scale complex data management by automating the service request creations in ITSM applications for new employees hired in the Greenhouse Onboarding application.
  • Greenhouse Onboarding: Aquera’s integration with Greenhouse Onboarding allows organizations to scale complex data management by automating the synchronization of employees from the Greenhouse Onboarding application to LMS applications.
  • Greenhouse Onboarding: Aquera’s HR application integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows organizations to scale complex data management by automating the synchronization of candidates from the Greenhouse Recruiting application to HR applications.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the email body was missing the availability link when sending a candidate availability request.
  • Fixed an issue where a job couldn't be closed in Job Setup if a close reason was required. 
  • Fixed an issue where agency recruiters weren't receiving their invitation emails.
  • Fixed an issue where behind-the-scenes automated users were showing in some dropdown menus.
  • Fixed an issue where users saw an error when filtering the Referrals over time report
  • Fixed an issue where prospect posts weren't displaying under the right heading on job boards.
  • Updated Job Admin permissions to not automatically select "Can create, edit, and delete stage transition rules" by default.
  • Fixed an issue where GDPR consent request emails were sent twice if a prospect was imported using the Greenhouse Sourcing Automation Chrome extension. 
  • Fixed an issue where the GDPR notification was showing up on the Referrals page.
  • Fixed an issue where candidates weren't merging correctly if each duplicate profile had a different response to the GDPR data consent.