Lattice’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows for mutual Greenhouse and Lattice customers to seamlessly transfer hired candidates from Greenhouse to Lattice.

Create a Harvest API key

To configure the Lattice x Greenhouse integration, you’ll need to create a Harvest API key.

Follow the steps in this article to create the key, and verify that the permissions below are selected when configuring the Lattice integration.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API Type: Harvest
  • Partner: Lattice or Unlisted Vendor
  • Description: Lattice Harvest API Key


Verify that the following permissions (All GET for each section) are selected for the Lattice integration:

  • Applications
    • GET: Retrieve Application
    • GET: List Applications
  • Candidates
    • GET: Retrieve Candidate
    • GET: List Candidates
  • Custom Field Options
    • GET: Get custom field options
  • Custom Fields
    • GET: Get custom fields
  • Jobs
    • GET: Retrieve Job
    • GET: List Jobs
    • GET: Get hiring team
  • Offers
    • GET: List Application Offers
    • GET: Retrieve Application’s Current Offer
    • GET: Retrieve Offer
    • GET: List Offers

Finish setup in Lattice

In Lattice, navigate to Platform > Integrations > and scroll to the bottom of the page to find Greenhouse underneath the ATS category

Once connected, you test the connection by clicking the Manual Sync button. Once you feel comfortable with the integration, you can reach out to your Lattice point-of-contact and they will turn the integration on to run once a day at 2:00 AM PST.

Use the Lattice integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Use the Lattice x Greenhouse integration to reduce the need to manual data entry when you hire a candidate. After you mark a candidate as hired in Greenhouse and run a sync, the candidate will automatically flow into Lattice.

The following attributes are mapped from Greenhouse to Lattice. The integration also brings over custom attributes, as long as fields are configured exactly the same in the two systems.

Greenhouse Recruiting field Lattice field
Candidate \ Personal Email Personal Email
Candidate \ Legal Name - First Name First Name
Candidate \ Legal Name - Last Name Last Name
Candidate \ First Name + Last Name Preferred Full Name
Offer \ Start Date Start Date
Candidate \ Work Email Work email
Candidate \ Phone Number [ personal ] Phone Number
Candidate \ Address[home] - Address Line 1 Address line 1
Candidate \ Address[home] - Address Line 2 Address line 2
Candidate \ Address[home] - City Address city
Candidate \ Address[home] - State Address state
Candidate \ Address[home] - Zipcode Address postal code
Job \ Department Department
Job \ Title Job Title

Frequently asked questions

When is an employee sent from Greenhouse to Lattice?

When an employee is marked as hired in Greenhouse, they will be brought over to Lattice and “dropped” in the onboarding state.

What does the Greenhouse integration use as a unique identifier?

Personal Email.

Will anything sync after my employee’s start date?

No. After the employee's start date, their information won't be included in any Greenhouse syncs. At that point, Lattice is the source of truth for their information. This behavior ensures the employee can update their information in Lattice, without having it repeatedly overwritten with the details they submitted during their initial hiring.

When I connect my Greenhouse and Lattice accounts, what candidates are included in the sync?

After you connect Greenhouse and Lattice with your API Key, any candidate marked as hired after that date will be included in syncs to Lattice.

I changed an employee’s information in Greenhouse Recruiting, will those changes show in Lattice?

If an employee's information is changed in the offer letter, you will need to mark the candidate as unhired, update the information, and then mark the candidate as hired. This allows the sync to process the updated information.

If the employee's information is changed on their candidate profile, and they haven't hit their start date, the updated information will be included in the next sync.

What types of employees sync from Greenhouse Recruiting to Lattice?

The integration supports bringing over US employees from Greenhouse to Lattice.

Additional resources

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