Jobzyn is a next-generation recruiting platform, centered around employer branding and AI solutions. We help companies create their employer brand and build detailed profiles in our platform to attract top talent.

Jobzyn’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows users to post job offers to Jobzyn’s job board directly from the Greenhouse’s dashboard and candidates for job offers from Jobzyn.

Configure the Greenhouse Recruiting / Jobzyn integration

In this step, you’ll set up a two-way integration between Jobzyn & Greenhouse. One with OAuth 2.0 in order to send candidates to Greenhouse, and one with Webhooks in order to receive Jobs from Greenhouse.

OAuth 2.0

The first step of the integration setup is to authenticate your Jobzyn account to your Greenhouse account using OAuth 2.0.

  1. Open Jobzyn’s backoffice & log in to admin your account
  2. Open integrations tab
  3. Click on integrate
  4. Follow the steps and authenticate to your Greenhouse account
  5. After authenticating to your Greenhouse account you’ll be redirected back to the integrations page where you’ll see your active integration along with webhook configuration credentials. These credentials will be used in the next step to configure Greenhouse webhooks.

Create webhooks

To complete Jobzyn’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting you’ll need to create some webhooks. These webhooks will push new job offers you create on Greenhouse to our system so they can be published on your Jobzyn jobs account.

  1. Follow the steps in this article to create a new webhook and use the options in the next step to fill out the details.
  2. Add the following webhook details:
    1. Name: Job created
    2. When: Job created
    3. Endpoint URL: Copy the webhook URL from the Jobzyn integrations page and paste in the Endpoint URL field
    4. Secret Key: Copy the webhook secret key from the Jobzyn integration page.
    5. Error recipient email:
  3. Save the webhook. You should see a success message after saving.
  4. Repeat the same process to create 2 more webhooks with the “When” as Job updated & Job deleted

Use the Jobzyn integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Once the integration is configured, you’ll be able to post job offers to Jobzyn, and receive candidates for these jobs directly from the Greenhouse dashboard.

Posting job offers

Follow the standard workflow of creating a new job in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Receiving candidates

Candidates that apply to a job created through Greenhouse Recruiting will be added automatically to your Greenhouse account and will show up on your candidate list.

When a candidate is received from Jobzyn, some basic information will be automatically added to their account, including name, email, LinkedIn profile, and resume.

When a candidate is added from Jobzyn, the integration will be credited in the Source & referrer field.

Additional resources

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